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About Tree of Life Pendants

The Tree of Life is a meaningful, cross-cultural symbol with a spirit to be captured. Toss on a Tree of Life pendant and harness the power of the ancient symbol wherever you go. The Tree of Life appears in cultures around the world, holding meanings in fields as diverse as biology, physics, sociology, and religion. Both pendants and the Tree of Life symbol appear in ancient remains in the Middle East and Egypt, and are a significant indicator of style and beauty to these societies. Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs used pendants to exhibit wealth and status, wearing jewels resembling scarab beetles around their necks. Following these traditions, Europeans have taken on the Tree of Life symbol to represent the significance of religion and the natural world, especially seen in the Celtic tradition. Like earlier pendants, these hanging jewels attach to necklaces of all kinds with small loopholes. On eBay, reliable sellers maintain a large inventory of pendants, giving you many options to choose from. Alternatively, search for pendants by color, such as silver, which radiates beauty and intrigue. Whatever the symbol means to you, seize its energy with a meaningful Tree of Life pendant.