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About Trees

Sweet, juicy fruits hang from the branches of your private orchard in the garden, courtyard, or patio. Whether growing full-size or semi-dwarf trees in your backyard or dwarf varieties in large planters, selecting the right tree for the available space and climate is essential for a successful harvest. Potted tropical fruit trees grow even in cold climates when wheeled into a warm sun room or greenhouse for the winter. In contrast, many species of fruit trees, such as apples, cherries, and peaches, require a period of chilling temperatures to thrive and produce a full harvest. Whether selecting a tropical, fruiting, or flowering tree, the reliable sellers on eBay provide clear descriptions and essential information, such as the USDA plant hardiness zones and growing instructions, which allow gardeners to choose live trees or tree seeds that thrive in their local climates. From citrus fruits, to stone fruits, to unusual tropical varieties rarely seen in the United States, gardening enthusiasts find a variety of listings and convenient shipping options to suit their garden needs.

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