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About Tray Puzzles

A tray puzzle offers a simple, fun way for a young child to learn how to assemble puzzles, as the tray border makes it easy to tell if all the pieces are in the right places. A wooden tray puzzle is so durable that it goes together repeatedly without concern for bent corners or peeling paper. Some even teach basic words and shapes with visual representations of words, such as "big" and "little" next to cartoon images of varying size. Vintage frame tray puzzles, such as the numerous offerings made by Playskool or Whitman, feature everything from cartoon characters to farm animals or fairytale creatures, perfect for young learners who may recognize their favorite storybook images and characters. Whether you prefer a brand new tray puzzle or a collection of puzzles from years gone by, the reliable sellers on eBay offer a vast number of ever-changing choices for your convenience.