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About Traxxas Revo

Call it Extreme RC. Traxxas Revo and subsequent E Revo remote control monster trucks may be 1/10 scale, but they are built and designed like vehicles many times their size. In fact, Traxxas designs them for competitive off-road motocross racing. The Revo is powered not by electricity but by "nitro," or nitromethane, the fuel Top Fuel dragsters use. That should give you an idea of how hard-core this sport is. Traxxas RC trucks claim top speeds of 40+ mph. The E Revo is the electric-powered version of the Revo. The E Revo Brushless comes with features like dual motors, a full-length skid plate protecting the drive train, two-speed reverse transmission, and 2.4 Ghz radio system. Not only that, it?s completely waterproof so it can run through puddles or in the rain. You can find brand new Traxxas Revo monster trucks on eBay with pistol grip remote, as well as batteries and new and used replacement parts, tires, and bodies. Now you can experience the thrill of driving a souped-up monster truck without actually sitting in one.