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About Trapper Hats

Trapper hats may have been the most popular fashion choice for fur trappers from Siberia to northern Canada, but this headwear style is not just for hunters. Warm, practical fur trapper hats are great for keeping your head heated during those icy winter months. The shearling or fur lining keeps your head nice and snug and the earflaps keep the sides of your head from freezing. You can even find versions that cover your neck and tie up under your chin, keeping your entire head and neck warm when the temperatures plummet. Trapper hats are usually associated with Russia, but many other countries have picked up the style. It is the official winter hat of both the German police forces and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The American and Finnish armies use a version of the hat style in their military winter uniforms. Whether you want to add army edge to your style or you want to keep warm during a Minnesota blizzard, you can find a large inventory of women's and men's trapper hats on eBay.