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About Transporters

Whether or not you have ever actually had the privilege of driving or riding in one of them, you are sure to recognize the iconic appearance when you see them on the road, still chugging along strong. If a new (old) van is not on your horizon, a Transporter diecast model on your shelf will help you to relive memories of the '60s and '70s, or maybe for some, just a movie you saw one time about the '60s or '70s. These models consist of the Volkswagen Transporter Type 2, designed as a van version of the classic Beetle, or a later model in the T series, up to the VW Transporter T5, which has a much more modern look. They come in a wide range of styles available from reliable eBay sellers, from passenger vans with windows all the way back to more utilitarian haulers, and made in various scales by a range of toy companies including Johnny Lightning and Corgi. You are sure to find the perfect Transporter to carry your imagination.