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About Transmission Tools

In life, if you want to walk the walk you have to have the tools of your trade. For a mechanic, whether an amateur or a professional, this means having the right transmission tools to get the job done. Along with a complete set of basic tools, such as ratchets, screwdrivers, and wrenches, transmission tools are essential for performing a wide range of automotive tasks, including installing tone rings and removing a rear clutch piston snap ring. Having the correct tools for these tasks could save you a lot of time on transmission repairs and, as you are well aware, time is money. Whether you plan to make some minor transmission repairs or replace your entire transmission, you should have a transmission jack and jack stands on hand to lift up your vehicle so you can access all areas of the transmission. You may also need some additional transmission tools, such as flywheel wrenches, spline alignment sets, and output shaft seals, but the exact transmission tools you need may vary depending on the job. Keep in mind that some tools are specific to certain vehicle makes, so your Dodge transmission tools may not work on a Toyota and your GM transmission tools may not work on your Dodge. Luckily, you can find an impressive selection of transmission tools through the reliable sellers on eBay. The tools you need may be so affordable that you can pick up a few extras without breaking the bank.