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About Transmission Coolers

You carry a lot of extra weight on your truck, so to prevent overheating, it is time to install a transmission cooler on your vehicle. Transmission coolers work in conjunction with your transmission fluid because there are times when transmission fluid alone is not enough to keep the system cool, which can lead to the fluid burning, decreasing the amount left to run through the system. Transmission cooler kits typically include an aluminum internal cooler mechanism with the necessary installation parts and other kits include an electric fan to help reduce the temperature. Overall sizes vary, but many universal transmission coolers are around 13 inches by 11 inches by 2 inches to fit many different vehicle makes, models, and years. Most transmission coolers use 12-volt DC power, so they are compatible with your vehicle's battery. These units are typically powder-coated and oxidized, so they are protected and durable. Transmission coolers come in a variety of designs, but they are a great addition to large vehicles that consistently carry a lot of weight, and with the large inventory available on eBay, you can find just the right unit for your vehicle.