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About Transistor Radios

You spent hours diligently turning and twisting the dials and repositioning the device in order to find the best signal. The transistor radio was as big to the 1950s teenager as MTV is today's kids. A device that allowed them to listen to their favorite tunes, anywhere, and owning one led to instant popularity. Finally, kids were able to get away from the watchful eye of adults and listen to their rock and roll as loud as they wanted, or at least as loud as the speakers allowed. Own a piece of music history with a vintage Sony radio that has large buttons and a colorful design. Head to the beach with an old-fashioned Zenith radio and catch the game while you play in the sand. Featuring both AM and FM bands, listeners have a choice between talk radio, and their favorite music stations. Show your children the beauty of finding exactly the right location for the radio, and the meaning of white noise when the static kicks in. Search the large inventory on eBay to find a transistor radio for your collection. Take your music with you wherever you go.