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About Transformers Comics

Battling bots stride across crumbling cityscapes; planes screech overhead before suddenly transforming into bipedal warriors; and sports cars race through deserted streets as missiles explode around them. This is the gripping world of Transformers comics, where robots prove they are more than meets the eye. The first Transformers Marvel Comics appeared in 1984, and ran for 80 issues until 1991, during which time there were also several spin-off miniseries. Next was the Transformers Generation 2 comic series, which started in 1993 and ran for 12 issues. From 2002 until 2004, Dreamwave Productions produced another major comic series, and since 2006, IDW Publishing has been in control. For collectors, that means there are plenty of comics to track down, and that is where the extensive inventory on eBay helps, as reliable sellers have every issue you could possibly want, including rare and valuable editions. Whether you are a fan of the heroic Autobots, or a fan of the devious Decepticons, shopping online is the best way to build your collection of Transformers comics.