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About Transformers Bulkhead

The Transformers may be robots in disguise, but there is no disguising their continuing popularity as the years pass. With such memorable characters as the Transformers Bulkhead, Megatron, and Optimus Prime, it is no wonder these gigantic bipedal warriors have captured the imaginations of children and adults alike since their introduction in 1984. They have even been the focus of several mega-blockbuster live action movies directed by Michael Bay. Bulkhead is one of the heroic Autobots, and he first appeared in "Transformers: Energon." However, the "Transformers: Animated" Bulkhead, introduced in 2007, is a different character from its earlier incarnation. For robot fans, there is plenty of Transformers merchandise to hunt down, including the "Transformers: Prime" Bulkhead action figure, and the "Beast Hunters" variant with spinning dragon grinder play features. All these toys, and many more, are readily available on eBay, where reliable sellers have a massive selection of Transformers Bulkhead products in new and used condition to suit fans of all ages.