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About Transformers Armada

As the first official Transformers collaboration between American toy company Hasbro and Japanese toy company Takara, the Transformers: Armada series marked a turning point for the franchise across forms of media including action figures, cartoons, and comic books. Although past fan favorites such as Starscream, Hot Shot, and Optimus Prime return to lend the series a sense of familiarity, new additions such as the Transformers: Armada Mini-cons expand upon the mythology of the franchise. These tiny robots are the central point of the conflict featured in Transformers: Armada, as the Autobots and Decepticons battle over them to assume their powers. This is reflected in the toy line, as the smaller Mini-cons can attach to the larger Transformers figures to activate special features. While it is possible to obtain the entire collection of Transformers: Armada figures in a piecemeal fashion, a Transformers: Armada lot is the quickest way to round out your robotic roster. With the convenient shipping options available from the reliable sellers on eBay, you can be sure that your favorite shapeshifting aliens will make it across the universe and into your home in no time at all.