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About Trampolines with Enclosures

It is all fun and games until someone gets hurt, and that is only a matter of time with a trampoline. All parents have visions of their children flying off the side of the trampoline, so minimize that possibility by buying a trampoline with an enclosure. An enclosure consists of the following parts: galvanized steel poles that are usually about 10 feet tall, clamps to attach the poles to the trampoline base, padding for the poles, and a net that encloses the poles. The net features soft polypropylene, so it does not hurt when a child bounces against it. The net enclosure has a zipper door so that children can enter and exit safely. If you are buying the enclosure to match a trampoline that you already own, be sure to double check the measurements. Standard trampolines come in three different sizes: 12 feet, 14 feet, and 15 feet, so you need a compatible enclosure. To eliminate the hassle of finding the right size and making sure you have all the parts necessary to attach the enclosure to the trampoline, search the vast inventory on eBay for a set that includes a trampoline with an enclosure. Minor bumps and bruises are always a possibility with a trampoline, but at least with an enclosure, you do not have to worry anything too serious.