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About Tramp Art

Some collectors refer to tramp art as the first democratized form of art, as it allows people of all socioeconomic levels and diverse art backgrounds to create pieces using the materials they have on hand. Vintage tramp art made between the 1880s and 1940s is the most collectible form of the style, but it is still alive and well throughout the world, usually under subheadings like folk art or prison art. Because the creators use only the things they can find or remanufacture from current possessions, collectors sometimes refer to tramp art as the first recognized version of the repurposing and up-cycling popular with today's younger generations. Most antique tramp art comes in the form of ornate boxes or frames, but other forms like platters or bowls exist as well. Selecting a piece of tramp art is largely a matter of personal tastes and decor, as the pieces are all wildly unique based upon their materials of manufacture and the artist. Choose from a vast selection of vintage and contemporary tramp art pieces on eBay made from a variety of materials.

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