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About Trailer Tires

Trailer tires have the power to take you away from the daily grind and put you on the path to adventure, whether that means shredding the slopes on a snowy mountain, trekking deep into the desert, or drifting quietly on a moonlit lake. When you shop the wide selection of new and lightly used ST tires on eBay, you do not miss a single moment of fun. ST tires are specifically built with strengthened sidewalls to handle the weight of whatever toy you tow. Bias ply ST tires, which have stiffer sidewalls, are an affordable option for trailers that only go short distances. Radial tires are built to reduce heat buildup, making them best for long trips farther from home. For weekend warriors who spend their free time on the water, boat trailer tires provide a smooth ride and higher load capacity to support the weight of the boat plus the coolers, beverages, and snacks you bring along. A 15- or 16-inch rim size gives a bit more clearance on steep boat ramps. If a camping trip calls you, then travel trailer tires with a slightly wider width-to-height ratio keep your home away from home stable on the road and at the campground. Once you have those dependable trailer tires installed and inflated to specifications, nothing can hold you back.