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About Trailer Park Boys

If you are feeling up for some unfettered nonsense, jovial fun, and just an all-around ruckus, the Trailer Park Boys is for you. Join everyone's favorite Canadians on their various antics and misadventures through everyday trailer park life. From chaining ATMs to pickup trucks in order to rob a convenience store, to intentionally getting thrown in jail because of its "easy living" experience, Ricky, Bubbles, and Julian are up to countless forms of mischief that really have to be seen to be believed. If you have yet to witness this hilarious mockumentary-style series, pick up the Trailer Park Boys DVD. Or, if you are already familiar with the show, buy a Trailer Park Boys poster to show your support. You can find a huge inventory of Trailer Park Boys items on eBay, where many sellers offer convenient shipping methods to meet your needs. If you want hours of entertainment and more than a little bit of mindless hilarity, this series is definitely worth looking into.