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About Trailer Lights

As you head to the dock, the sound of the police siren stops you cold. Check your trailer lights before you load up your boat, jet skis, four-wheelers, or camping gear to avoid a ticket. Make sure the lights glow when you step on the brakes and the turn signals function as soon as you hit the switch. New LED trailer lights shine brightly and come in handy when you need to shine some light on your campsite. Add lights around your license plate for extra visibility and a splash of color. For older trailers that require a full replacement, purchase a new trailer light kit on eBay. Choose lights with corrosion-resistant housing that stands up to water. Submersible trailer lights work best for boat trailers that frequently move in and out of the water. Amber lights fit trailers used for towing and alert other drivers to let them know that they need to slow down. Putting new lights on your trailer helps you avoid seeing flashing red and blue lights in your rear view mirror.

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