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About Trailer Hitches

That humdrum hollow square below the bumper of your vehicle is not just functional. Depending on how you utilize them, trailer hitches enable exciting weekends away, free up some elbowroom inside of your car, and even let you show off your personal style. Along with towing ball mounts, easily swappable accessories, like trailer hitch carriers, let you modify the utility of the hitch to suit your needs. Handy hitch carriers include cargo racks, lockable bike holders, motorcycle dollies, and even electric wheelchair haulers. Moving those big and unwieldy items from the interior of your vehicle frees up space and makes car rides much more comfortable. It also allows you to bring along what you normally would not want to sit beside, like extra gasoline for remote road trips. When the hitch is not in use, a simple black trailer hitch cover keeps water and grime from accumulating inside of the receiver. Decorative covers do the same job, but with a punch of personality. With a wide range of unique covers available from dependable sellers on eBay, you can choose from sports team logos, truck model names, LED lights, chrome skulls, shiny dollar signs, and even spinning propellers. Most receiver accessories fit 2-inch trailer hitches. When you have what you need, all you have to do is plug in and go.