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About Trailer Axles

You are loaded up when you hear a "clunk," causing your trailer to drag. Bad news — it looks as if you have a broken trailer axle to replace. Trailer axle kits are available in several styles, and the type you need depends on the design of the trailer, and your load requirements. Torsion axles have a compact design with a flexible rubber cartridge for absorbing bumps. They are suitable for trailers carrying light loads, and they often require maintenance as the rubber deteriorates. Many owners have tandem axle trailers with two or more axles built close together, resulting in higher load capacities, higher horsepower, and more torque potential. As an additional benefit, tandem axles offer improved safety in the event of tire damage. The third type is a leaf spring axle, which has a simple design, yet has similar durability and performance to the torsion axle. It is important to calculate the trailer's gross capacity to ensure the choice of an axle that can handle the load capacity. Whatever axle style you require, you are sure to find it among the large inventory on eBay, enabling you to get back to hauling.