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About Trade Dollars

The history of the economic battle between the United States and the Asian nations goes back hundreds of years. In a desperate attempt to remain competitive with thriving Chinese and Japanese markets, Congress directed the United States Mint to resume production of previously dormant trade dollars in 1873. To bring yourself back to the earliest days of American economic rivalry with competitive world markets, you can purchase a beautiful, authentic new or used 1873 trade dollar from reliable sellers on eBay to add to your coin collection. Trade dollars from this year feature a composition of mostly silver, with just a touch of copper. Their obverses have images of a seated Liberty, who holds an extended hand bearing an olive branch over a vast sea, while the opposite image features a beautiful bald eagle, designed by William Barber. Despite their beauty, minted dollar coins did not circulate for long. Production ceased just two years later, but today you can still find an 1875 trade dollar, available for purchase on eBay, to remember a unique time in American history.