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About Tracfone Minutes

With all the uncertainties of life, being tied down to a cell phone contract seems less appealing by the minute. Tracfone offers pay-as-you-go service with phones that you recharge with Tracfone minutes as you use them. Rather than paying a large cell phone bill every month, you simply purchase a Tracfone minutes card and only pay for minutes that you will use. Additionally, these cards allow you to pay for texting and data, so that you have access to all of the features you receive with a contracted carrier. If you are a talker, then investing in Tracfone double minutes will save you even more. With a onetime activation of a special card, all minutes you add thereafter will be doubled, giving you two times the minutes for your money. Find Tracfone minutes to add to your phone by shopping from reliable sellers on eBay. Top up your phone whenever you need to, and never worry about being tied to a two-year agreement ever again.