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About TPMS

At the gas station, you notice one of your tires is going flat. Having a TPMS on hand would have alerted you to the diminishing tire pressure beforehand, and you could have fixed the tires before heading out on your road trip. A TPMS system is responsible for transmitting data to you about your vehicle's tire pressure. The pressure monitoring system includes four gauges, a receiver, and other components that monitor the pressure. Each receiver is equipped with an alarm that displays on the car's computer display when there is a problem with the air in your tires. The receiver works wirelessly and constantly monitors the pressure for you. A universal TPMS allows you to hook the system up to any vehicle no matter the make or model. Once the gauges are placed in the tire, they stay there and do not come out unless you take them out. If you are looking for a TPMS monitor for your vehicle, browse through the large inventory offered by reliable sellers on eBay.