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About Toyota Yaris Sedan

For those leading a "sedan-tary" lifestyle, the Toyota Yaris sedan makes a perfect car. The Yaris comes in several body styles, including a hatchback and sedan. Sedans in this line feature a standard five-door layout, with four cabin doors and a trunk. They seat five passengers, making them ideal for families. As with many cars, Toyota offers this sedan in several trim levels. This sedan features a short and boxy frame. It comes in manual and automatic transmissions, ranging from four speeds to six speeds. A sloping front end gives way to a prominent bumper, made of plastic and lightweight aluminum. These bumpers feature a large ventilation unit beneath, which helps to cool the engine. The Toyota Yaris sedan comes with front-wheel drive, and includes airbags for all occupants. The Toyota Yaris sedan comes in a base version with cloth seats. Higher trim levels offer a sportier ride, thanks to turbo-charged engines, and come with heated seats, navigation systems, and other advanced features. Find the perfect Yaris for you in the large inventory available on eBay.