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About Toyota Spark Plugs

Part of doing your own tune up on your engine involves changing your air filter, replacing spark plugs, visually inspecting your engine, and checking the engine timing. While you can usually replace your plugs with any brand, most people prefer putting genuine Toyota spark plugs in their Toyota vehicles. Although the parts shop might tell you that there is no difference, Toyota OEM spark plugs are made specifically for Toyota engine demands. While you are under the hood, you may also want to replace your Toyota spark plug wires, particularly if your car is over a decade old. Wiring is exposed to engine exhaust and the coating can break down, causing the wires to be exposed more to the elements. By replacing them, you can help the engine to run more efficiently. Finding genuine Toyota spark plugs from knowledgeable sellers on eBay is a great way to make sure you get the right parts for your car, the first time.