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About Toyota Sienna Navigation

You cannot remember how you got around before your Toyota Sienna navigation system, but now that you have it, there is no going back. The system controls so much more than just the GPS, as the unit features a DVD player, games, and a rear back-up camera. To keep you safe, most new models since the 2005 Toyota Sienna navigation system feature voice-activation software, so you can answer calls and get directions while remaining hands-free. Many models also feature a large 6.2-inch touchscreen with the ability to change the background and dim the light so you can customize the screen to best meet your needs. Newer models also feature a dual zone function, which allows you to still listen to the radio while the navigation is on, which could be a deal breaker for long trips. Most units also feature a USB port so you can connect your phone or music player to share your music with the whole car. The Toyota Sienna navigation system offers so much more than just a GPS unit, and the large inventory on eBay shows you just how easy it is to upgrade your system.