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About Toyota Locker

In most circumstances, you want your vehicle's tires to rotate at the same rate so that it stays under control while moving forward or back, but in the case of turning, a differential comes into play, allowing the outside tire to rotate faster so that the vehicle can turn smoothly. A Toyota locker allows for this differentiation in rotation speed while also providing the additional function of locking into place when appropriate. This locking feature ensures that both wheels on an axle rotate at the same rate of speed regardless of the factors influencing the tires. This provides greater traction for the vehicle, which is important when coping with slick or unreliable road conditions. The vast inventory on eBay includes a wide array of options to let you equip your Toyota in the way that is right for you. Auto-locking Toyota 8-inch locker devices lock and unlock without your input, ensuring that the wheels spin at the appropriate rate according to the circumstances. Control these changes yourself with a Toyota air locker that lets you determine when the differential is locked or unlocked. Find the Toyota locker that is right for your needs and be confident that your wheels are under control.

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