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About Toyota Drive Shaft

Round and round it goes — your Toyota drive shaft is one of the main components of your car's drive train, and when it goes out, your vehicle is not going anywhere. The drive shaft is responsible for transmitting the torque from its rotation to other elements of the drive train, so it experiences great stress that makes it susceptible to wear. Some signs you may notice when your drive shaft is worn include excessive vibration at high speeds, low squeaks, or issues turning. You may need to replace the full drive shaft assembly, but other common parts that need replacing include the center support bearings, couplings and bolts, and U-joints. When purchasing a Toyota drive shaft, it is important to find a model that is compatible with your vehicle model and year, as drive shaft designs vary. Drive shafts also vary from front-wheel-drive to four-wheel-drive options, as they require different shaft lengths to operate properly. A Toyota drive shaft is an important part of the drive train, so when you need a replacement, you can find the right part from the large inventory available on eBay.