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Replacing a broken Toyota Camry door handle yourself will save significant money if you have the mechanical skills to do it. First, find the right door handle for your year within the vast inventory of Toyota Camry door handles listed on eBay. When it arrives, gather some tools and give yourself time to work on it without rushing. With the window up, start by removing the interior door panel—unscrew all screws, carefully pull off the panel from the bottom, and disconnect all wiring to the power switch plate and speaker. If you’re removing the inner door handle, simply unscrew the broken one, pull it out, and disconnect it from the control rods. Attach the replacement handle to the rods and slide it into place. If you’re replacing the outer door handle, peel back the plastic sheeting, use a star key to unscrew the handle, and pull out the broken handle. Then insert the replacement handle. When your handle is in place, reverse everything, being careful to replace every screw. Ta-da! Good job.

About Toyota Camry Door Handles

After years of wear and tear, one or more of the door handles on your Toyota Camry has broken off. With entry and exit from your car now severely hindered, replacing your Toyota Camry door handles is a job you should take care of as soon as possible. Thankfully, the vast inventory on eBay makes it easy for you to find the handle that is compatible with your model year. You can choose from several factory replacements, or one of the many high-quality aftermarket options that look great on the Camry. Replace your outside door handles with a style that fits seamlessly with your car's exterior, such as the sleek matte finish handles that fit models from the mid-1990s. If it has gotten to the point where passengers have to climb seats to get out of your car, then replace the inside door handles with one of the many options that complement your car's interior fabric and color. You can find Toyota Camry door handles individually or as part of a full set.

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