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About Toyota 22R

As a widely popular engine that has given Toyota drivers a dependable, power-packed four-cylinder design to match their workhorse lives and racing desires, the Toyota 22R has met the expectations of Toyota enthusiasts for years through its focus on optimal torque and horsepower, as well as efficient fuel economy. Although its specifications have changed as the 22R underwent several upgrades and improvements between its production run of 1981 to 1995, the single-most prominent feature of the Toyota 22R performance engine is its innovative 8-valve SOHC 2.4L, 2,366ccm design that produces upwards of 72 horsepower and 174ft-lbs of torque. Furthermore, the Toyota 22R engine also features a 9:1 compression ratio, a single-barrel 326 cfm carb, and hemispherical, swirl-inducing combustion chambers. Whether you are driving the Celica, Toyota Corona, Hilux Pickup, or several other Toyota models made between 1981-1995, you can discover the correct engine model for you in brand new or used condition by browsing the listings on eBay. You can take to the roads with aggressive power, while ensuring a quality job well done, when you supplement your Toyota vehicle with the world-renowned Toyota 22R.

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