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About Toy Watches

A Toy watch is not for kids, but the fun colors, designs, and textures appeal to kids at heart. The Toy brand specializes in creating luxury-style watches that are not stuffy. For a watch that appeals to your sense of touch, choose a Toy Watch Velvety, featuring an ultra-soft touch that is comfortable to wear. With its exquisite style, the Velvety Full Pave watch has a full pave dial with Swarovski embellishments. The white band and clear crystals contrast nicely with a the pink crystal outer rim. For men, the Black Full Pave includes a black velvet band and case with gold and clear crystal accents. If you prefer all-out shine over subtle style, choose something from the Toy Watch Metallic line. Featuring aluminum construction in bold colors like blue and green, this watch gets you noticed. Find a large selection of new and used pieces from Toy Watch on eBay. Who says that just because you are an adult, everything has to be serious?