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About Toy Story Figures

Animated movies took on a whole new feeling when "Toy Story" came out. Is it any wonder that Toy Story figures will always have a strong pull to anyone who's ever had a toy, whether or not they've seen the film? And you'd have to be living on Mars if you haven't seen it. It was the first animated feature completely in computer graphics, and that cinched its reputation from the get-go. But when adults and children alike fell in love with the hijinks of this set of toys that are loyal to their gentle owner, it was catapulted to legend status. Toy Story figures sell like Legos on eBay, but aren't as expensive. One is simply not enough, and you gotta have the whole gang, right? Start your collection?or your child's, nephew's, or niece's?with a new Woody, Buzz or Jessie figure. Or perhaps grab them all when Woody looks rather lonely by himself in your cart or by your bed.