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About Toy Story Alien

Aliens have evolved and continue to evolve from monsters to adorable creatures and back. The Toy Story aliens are the most adorable of all. They're green and they look cuddly, not slimy or reptile-like. Toy Story alien plush toys get snapped up for baby events and kiddie birthdays, and even birthdays for those who are kids at heart. Who outgrows plushies, after all? And who outgrows "Toy Story," for that matter? This animated film made history as the first fully CGI movie, and as the first film since "Lion King" to completely reduce kids and adults alike to tears of joy and sadness. Oh, you didn't cry? But your heart twinged deliciously, right? Reliable sellers on eBay offer these Toy Story aliens as plush, figures, talking toys, and more. And if you no longer want toys because your busy schedule would just make them feel neglected and lonely, get your Toy Story alien hat, and you can always take him with you, while he's hugging your head in affection and protection from evil forces.