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About Toy Buses

Remembering a time when the mornings began with a ride on a school bus to great adventures of the day, a toy bus can elicit memories of school days gone by, or bring to mind mass transit in days when buses and trolleys were commonplace. Hobbyists and collectors enjoy gathering toy bus replicas from many eras and of many types. School buses are a popular genre, as are transportation buses such as Greyhound buses and Trailways buses. Many of those who traveled state to state in these buses enjoy finding die cast metal replicas to remind them of those experiences. Some intricate toy buses feature fully accurate details from the original buses, including operating windows and working lights to bring to life a miniature railroad scene. In addition to metal bus replicas, plastic toy buses, which have become hard to find in retail stores, are often available on eBay. Light the spark of creativity in your child or just add to your own collection with the wide variety of toy buses available.