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About Tower Fans

When the weather outside gets too hot to handle, you can keep cool with the help of a tower fan. These compact products are a great space-saving option. They do not require any of the complex wiring and installation of an overhead fan, and their slim profile allows you to put them just about anywhere. eBay is an excellent resource for tower fans, and reliable sellers on the site offer products from top brands on the market. For example, a Vornado tower fan offers multiple speeds and powerful performance in a modern design, and some include a remote control. Other popular brands include Dyson, Holmes, and Honeywell. Fans from these manufacturers are available in varying heights. For example, a Lasko 48-inch tower fan like the Max Air fan reaches high into a room to increase airflow, while a 32-inch fan is better for living rooms and other sitting areas. Start browsing listings for a tower fan to enjoy a cool breeze any time of the year.