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About Totem Poles

Totem poles are a very important part of the cultural heritage of the Pacific Northwest. Each pole is like a storybook and a work of art rolled into one, describing famous legends, tales of great deeds, or family histories. The Native Americans and First Nations peoples of Canada did not have a system of writing, so they passed down their stories and histories through elaborately carved wood totem poles. Today, these carvings endure as a popular form of art in the Pacific Northwest. Carvers hold up the traditions of telling stories through each of their works, which feature popular figures in Northwest mythology, such as the Raven, the Thunderbird, and the Killer Whale. They can also depict people such as family members, renowned band chiefs, or human figures in famous legends. Although totem poles are traditionally large, imposing creations, you can find plenty of miniature carvings in the same style, which easily fit on your shelf or mantle. If you want a vintage totem pole to display in your home, you do not need to take a vacation to Vancouver Island or Washington State; you can find a large inventory of totem poles on eBay.

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