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About Total Gym

You wish you could make it to the gym more often, but your busy schedule is not doing you any favors. With the Total Gym, you can fit all your essential workout equipment into one machine in one room in your own home. With a vast inventory of Total Gym fitness systems available on eBay, you are sure to find the right model to accommodate your needs. This portable gym offers many different ways to work just about every muscle in your body. Use the leg pulley for a great hip and glute workout or to add some resistance to your squats. Challenge your quadriceps and your stability while using the fitness system to do your lunges. Once you have completed your lower-body workout, focus on your back and your biceps. Total Gym fitness systems offer a pull-up function as well as cables that you can use for rowing and bicep curls. Challenge your chest and triceps with cable flies and presses, and engage your abdominals with crunches and rotations. Remain comfortable on the padded seat that you can easily wipe down when your workout is through. Never worry about missing the gym again with a Total Gym.