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About Toshiba Satellite C655 Screen

Over the years it's been a loyal companion, but now a mishap or two means that while your Toshiba Satellite C655 still boots up, the screen has given up the ghost. You can't keep using an external monitor, and a new laptop is out the question, so it's time you replace your Toshiba Satellite C655 screen. Luckily it is not difficult to install a replacement screen and get your computer back up and running as if nothing had ever happened. Whether you have the Satellite C655-S5512 or the C655D-S5130, your screen is a standard 15.6-inch diagonal screen with a 1366x768-pixel resolution and glossy finish for brighter colors. The best place to find a Toshiba Satellite C655 laptop screen is eBay, where can choose a new part or even cannibalize another dead laptop for parts. Once your Toshiba Satellite C655 screen is installed, you can sit back and enjoy your computer once again.