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About Toshiba P105

These days, with tech companies announcing new gaming laptop models every five minutes, choosing a new laptop can be a frustrating chore, especially when all you really want is a reliable-yet-affordable unit that can handle most hardcore gaming titles. This is where the Toshiba Satellite P105 enters the picture. Toshiba is not a company that is exactly known for its gaming hardware. That is a good thing, because it ensures that its systems end up being a great value compared to equivalent laptops manufactured by giants such as HP and Dell. The Satellite P105-S6024 is a competitor no matter how you measure it, with a powerful NVIDIA GeForce Go 7900 GS graphics processor for flawless visuals and a backlit Toshiba P105 keyboard to help you easily select command buttons quickly, the P105 is every inch a gaming system. Weighing 7.8 pounds, the P105 is also one of the lighter desktop replacement gaming systems available, making it a great portable option for group gaming. Bottom line, the Toshiba Satellite P105 is a good fit for anyone who enjoys playing games during their free time. And with sites like eBay, finding a new or refurbished model is relatively easy.