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About Torque Wrenches

Ping is the sound of a metal bolt hitting the pavement as you ride down the street. That is what you get for not using a torque wrench to tighten everything up when you rebuilt the bike you are riding. This wrench is also known as a clicker wrench because of the sound it makes as you tighten the nut on a bolt. They are becoming more and more necessary when working on new bicycles because of the new technology and high-end parts that are used. A number of companies make these torque wrenches in different designs to accommodate your needs. Snap-on torque wrenches come in many sizes and with a wide variety of torque ranges. You can also use a digital torque wrench to make sure that you get just the right amount of torque to avoid over-torquing the nut and stripping the threads of the bolt. The sellers on eBay have a large variety of torque wrenches available, so your nuts and bolts can be tightened up just right.