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About Torque Converters

You thought it would be a great idea to rebuild a go-kart, and everything was going fine until you ran into an interesting looking item called the torque converter. You were familiar with clutch assemblies because of your passion for automobiles, but this was something new. Do not worry; there are many reliable sellers on eBay who can help you with your build. Check out their offerings to find just the right Comet torque converter. Because the Comet is such a popular brand of kart, there is a variety of stock, including Manco, Yerf Dog, Carter Brothers, and Cushman replacements. You can also choose a torque converter kit that comes with jackshaft or 10-tooth sprockets and a typical 6-inch driven clutch. Why stop there? With the great delivery options, including expedited shipping or local pickup, why not grab a new or rebuilt Ford torque converter and get back to rebuilding that vintage car in the garage?