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About Topps Museum

Stars from Major League Baseball history get a chance to finally meet in a single baseball series thanks to Topps Museum collection. These groupings include a wide selection of cards featuring stars from distant and recent past, as well as those who are still playing. In addition, the collections include memorabilia items like the Jumbo Lumber Bat Nameplate Relics, which contain pieces of baseball bats used in the actual games. Special edition cards like The Canvas Collection, with artwork created directly on the card, are also included. eBay’s reliable sellers offer a wide variety of Topps Museum items, in various conditions, as standalone pieces and full collections. For example, look for individual cards like the Topps Museum Mickey Mantle card, or seek out a rare autographed card from your favorite player. You can also pick up a complete Topps Museum Hobby Box to enjoy a mix of great items. Whether you are a serious collector or a beginner, the Topps Museum can help you begin building a remarkable collection featuring highlights from MLB history.