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About Topaz Rings

Since you were just a girl, you have loved the look of topaz rings. Your parents always teased that you got that from your grandmother, because she also loves her jewelry and is particularly fond of topaz as well. You will never forget when you graduated from high school and Granny gave you her smokey topaz ring for a graduation present. Through the years, you have continually added to your own topaz collection, recently buying yourself a beautiful rainbow topaz ring from a reliable seller on eBay. The sparkling topaz ring is not only breathtakingly beautiful, but it is a natural colorless white topaz that has been coated, resulting in a unique rainbow-color effect. You take your new ring over to show Grandma, and she too is mesmerized by the rainbow colors of green, blue, and purple that stand out significantly when the sun hits it. She likes it so much that you decide that you will just have to get her a ring just like it for her birthday next month.