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About Top Gun

When your 40th birthday rolls around, your best friend buys you a copy of "Top Gun." You think he is just teasing you about your longtime fascination with leather bomber jackets and aviator sunglasses, but when you watch it, you remember how much you love the movie. Released in 1986, this box office hit about Navy air fighters competing to be the best in their class features Tom Cruise as Maverick, a gutsy fighter pilot, and Kelly McGillis as Charlie, a civilian instructor at the Top Gun flight school. Watching your "Top Gun" DVD has rekindled that youthful spark, and you decide to call up your high school buddy for lunch. He is going to be surprised when you show up in your very own "Top Gun" jacket, a replica of Maverick?s. You can find a huge selection of "Top Gun" movie memorabilia on eBay. He may even be inspired to buy you those aviator sunglasses you love for your next birthday.