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About Toothpick Holders

Collecting can come in a wide assortment of forms, and usually the most unusual collections are the most interesting. Enter the toothpick holder, a practical container with a wide variety of collector items available. On eBay, you can find a holder to match your tastes, either brand new or antiques from reliable sellers. Vintage options include painted metal designs, ceramic figures, and simple, ornate glass receptacles that are often sold in lots. It is honestly surprising how wide the range of the available colors, styles, designs, and forms these holders come in, from plain white ceramic to intricately shaped glass. People have really taken pride in their creations, obvious master level craftsmanship is put on display in these small but eye-catching products. A toothpick holder can also be used to hold small candy, Q-Tips, pens and pencils, and a wide assortment of other toothpick sized knickknacks. These make unique additions to the d?cor in a home or business with the added bonus of being a useful container.