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About Tonner Dolls

Founder and chief designer Robert Tonner's vision for creating original, multi-jointed porcelain fashion dolls based upon well-known licensed characters from popular culture makes the beautiful dolls of the Tonner Doll Company, Inc. not only unique, but highly collectible and sought-after by doll aficionados. The company's high-end fashion dolls feature custom-made clothes from luxurious fabrics and ornate hair styles on dolls modeled after beloved characters from films and books like Twilight, Harry Potter, and Gone with the Wind. Because of their high quality, many Tonner doll models are also prized by doll customizers, who use the stock Tonner dolls as a starting point for their own unique customizations, ranging from painted faces and eyes to wig changes and custom wardrobes far beyond what the doll featured originally. Many customizers also offer patterns to help owners make additional wardrobe pieces for their dolls. Tonner dolls come in a number of standard doll sizes, including popular 10, 18, and 22 inch sizes. You can find a variety of Tonner dolls with a range of sizes among the vast inventory on eBay.