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Shop the large inventory of diecast toy vehicles including diecast and toy vehicles!

About Tonkin

Remember when the coffee table was a bridge, the sofa was a parking lot, and the gigantic woven rug in the middle of the family room floor was an 8-lane expressway, and an often dangerous one at that? You loved model trucks as a child and you still do; explore the world of Tonkin replica trucks for well-crafted, finely detailed die-cast trucks in a variety of models, sizes, and vintages. Depend on the reliable sellers on eBay to help you find the perfect Tonkin replicas to build your collection. According to the Tonkin website, their line of PEM Tonkin, precision engineered model trucks, are a worldwide favorite among collectors. Select a PEM 1:64 Desert Coastal Transport Evolution freight liner, a 1/64 Pacific Intermountain Express tanker trailer with an international COE truck, or a limited edition Benton Express 45-foot Kenworth. Clear plenty of parking spaces on the sofa for your new Tonkin lowboys, double trailers, vans, and more. You may need to expand the parking lot.