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About Tonka

When people say, "They don't make them like they used to," they may be referring to the vintage line of Tonka trucks. During the 1970s, the Tonka company manufactured a wide variety of children's toys that embodied the rugged nature of several types of vehicles. Tonka trucks include fire engines, cement trucks, and large bed construction vehicles that can move mounds of dirt from one location to another. Their laboratory-tested plastics prevent dents and scratches that can render other toy trucks obsolete. The toy trucks provide children with a simplistic, yet effective teaching lesson on the logistics of operating heavy machinery. The plastic can also protect metal parts from moisture damage. Children also enjoy playing with the vintage Tonka jeep, which has the ability to carry four large action figures at the same time. With large tire that includes wide tread, these cars provide children with enhanced maneuverability over rugged terrain. Although you can find toys in large retail outlets, the best place for vintage Tonka products is online at eBay with their reliable sellers.