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About TomTom Battery

There are weekend riders and then there's you, dedicated to achieving ever-escalating performance levels on your bicycle. Using a CatEye computer as a central component in your training regimen can help take you from casual rider to the kind of rider who can take down any climb or amount of mileage. You can start out easy with one of CatEye's entry level models such as the CC-VL520 CatEye cyling computer, a wired option that features current, average, and max speed measurement, as well as distance readings and an odometer. In the wire-free family of products, you have the more complex CatEye Strada wireless digital computer to consider, which gives you all of the stat readouts like speed and RPMs you want as well as heart rate and cadence measurements. Up your training regimen and set yourself to a challenge by looking at the new and used CatEye computer options on eBay and incorporating one of these devices into your rides.