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About Toms Boots

You head to your favorite department store and pick out a great pair of shoes, and as soon as you purchase them, you discover that a young child in need receives a brand-new pair of shoes, courtesy of your own purchase. This is the reality of Toms Shoes, a company that matches every Toms boot, sandal, wedge, or flat purchase with much-needed help for those who are less privileged. In 2006, Blake Mycoskie was moved to see that the children he grew close to in a small Argentinian town were without shoes to protect their feet. It was this experience that led him to begin Toms Shoes, which boasts a "One for One" ideal that provides countless children around the world with new shoes. Browse the large selection of Toms boots to find the right style for your individual tastes. Toms Tomboy boots feature a masculine design that can appeal to the active female. They lace up to the ankle, making them great for hiking and other activities. If you are a true animal lover, opt instead for Toms vegan wrap boots, which are made without the use of animals or animal products. These feature a wrap that can cover up your calf and is completely customizable for your individual size. The reliable sellers on eBay offer these and other Toms shoe styles in a variety of colors and designs.

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