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Shop the extensive inventory of women's shoes including Tom's shoes for women!

About Toms

You have been told that you can only take one pair of shoes on vacation to go with all of your clothes. "Impossible" is the word that hurls from your mouth, but then you remember the Toms shoes your friend had on at dinner the other night, and realize maybe you can make this work. These are casual shoes that look great with shorts and pants, but can also complement a dress or skirt. A pair of crochet Toms will be cool enough for you to wear to the beach in the tropical climate, but they are more appropriate than sandals when you stop at a nice restaurant later. Toms are some of the most versatile and comfortable shoes available, and you can find a generous selection on eBay. There are a multitude of reliable sellers that offer new and used shoes by Toms. Canvas and crochet are popular favorites, but if you like your feet to be the center of attention, consider a pair of Toms glitter shoes. No one will notice that your dress is wrinkled from being in the suitcase. Once you own a pair of these shoes you will never want to go back to the days where you had to flip a coin to decide between being fashionable and comfortable.